The intro scene you’re greeted by every time you open Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 shows Starlord flying a ship through space listening to Redbone’s ‘Come Get Your Love’. It’s perfect because it instantly puts you in the right headspace for the game. You’re not here to deal with serious issues and you’re definitely not here to be challenged – you’re just here to have a really good time. Luckily, that’s pretty much what you can expect from Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2.

The story is nothing to write home about to be completely honest. Kang the conqueror has arrived on Earth and the world’s heroes must unite to stop him destroying everything. The story missions will take you across many time periods and many locations in the Marvel Universe which is great. The levels themselves are well designed (as you’d expect from these games) and are much more 3D than I’m used to (by this I just mean that there’s a level of depth to the areas that isn’t usually shown).

Some of the levels do really shine – the level set in Manhattan Noir and the level set in Lemuria are stand outs and are definitely worth playing for fun (not just to unlock the wonderful freeplay).

For those familiar with the first Lego Marvel Super Heroes game there’s a lot you’re going to love here. A lot of what made that game so great has been refined and a few extra features have been added in too. The combat is simple (hit the enemies until they shatter) but this time we have powerful OHKO grapple moves and enemies have health bars. These grapple moves are excellent and show off each heroes power superbly. I found myself switching characters just to see what these moves were for everyone.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Screenshot

In terms of other things that have been refined, flying is the main one. In the first game it was relatively simple but got weird and complicated in the Lego Marvel Avengers that was inflicted on us last year. Thankfully it’s much easier now with horizontal movement mapped to one stick and vertical mapped to the other. It takes some getting used to but once you pick it up it’s a joy and makes exploring so much easier.

There is still a great range of characters and corresponding skills throughout the game. One of my favourite parts of the whole thing is that lesser known heroes are given a chance to shine. One level sees the player take control of Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan) and White Tiger but alongside Spider-Man. It’s great to see the lesser known Marvel heroes get a bit of air time. A lot of the skills these heroes had in the first game have also been built out.

As well as shield switches Captain America can now bounce his shield off walls to reach difficult areas and Spider-Man can create tightropes as well as pulling things apart now. My only issue with the cast of characters in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 is that both the X-men and the Fantastic Four are missing from the roster – it seems the Avengers have taken centre stage her at the expense of everyone else.

As you’d expect the game is endlessly charming and funny. A few examples include:

  • Thor loving Asgardian Vol-au-vents 
  • Thor exclaiming that his mighty strength will smash a “moderately damaged wall”
  • Holding B to dance around with headphones on as Starlord

These are just a few small examples of how the game is permeated with charm and fun. 

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Screenshot

A few missions into the game you get access to the real star of the show though – Chronopolis. A giant open world hub that amalgamates all of the areas and time zones from the levels you play. This is where you’ll explore to discover the unlockables and extra bonus missions. And boy, are there a lot of extras. 200 minikits to discover, 236 characters to unlock, 10 pink (cheat) bricks and 255 gold bricks to find – mean that you’re going to be kept busy here for a long time. This is no bad thing as Chronopolis is beautifully constructed, well planned out and an absolute joy to explore. I spent half of my time with the game just exploring this open world and doing extras. 

Despite the overwhelmingly positive comments I have on Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 there are a few issues I had with it – what’s new? While the visual impressiveness of the game definitely registers, the audio quality is patchy at best. Most of the time it’s solid but there are moments where a hero’s audio lines are way louder and poorer quality than the rest. It feels rushed and really pulls you out of the fun you’re having. I also encountered a few bugs.

The biggest one (which only happened once) crashed the game entirely and I lost my progress on a story mission. I had to reboot and repeat my progress – the cardinal sin in any game. I also had a few bugs when swimming that would stop me in my tracks and require some button mashing to get going again. Finally, the AI in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 is sadly subpar. Even after solving puzzles I found that I had to manually ferry heroes to a certain part of the map because they were unable to do it themselves.

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