In another turn of events surrounding Star Wars Battlefront 2, it has surfaced through an interview that Lucasfilm have been overseeing the development of EA’s Star Wars titles with weekly meetings.

GamesBeat spoke to Lucasfilm Brand Boss Douglas Riley last week, and the full, and very enlightening interview can be read here.

Speaking with GamesBeat, Riley stated “We have a games team here that I run, that meets with all of our partners, and particularly we spend a lot of time with EA, both on the marketing side and the production teams. We bring in Lucasfilm’s story team to help us shape and build the stories we’re telling, so they fit in the continuity of all the other things we’re doing with the Star Wars universe. So yes, we’re very hands-on.”

When asked about the input Lucasfilm has towards features such as the business model and the progression system for Star Wars Battlefront 2, which has been the biggest talking point of the title, Riley responded.

“We have input and they take feedback from us across the whole spectrum. We work together very much to understand how those systems work and what they’re trying to achieve, how they touch the brand, and how they affect the consumer experience. I think the challenge, and it’s one that everybody’s facing in this industry—running live services requires tuning and tweaking, and sometimes you don’t get things right the first try, once you put it in the hands of hundreds or thousands or millions of players. You continue to learn how they interact with the things you’ve made, and you run into things you have to adjust along the way. That’s the unfortunate reality of making games with a live service component.”

This comment is interesting after the statement from Lucasfilm regarding the removal of microtransactions, as it seems they themselves would have had a hand in their implementation.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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