This week Focus Home Interactive and Passtech Games has announced a brand new project, Masters of Anima, an upcoming adventure game rich with magic.

Masters of Anima is set to land on consoles and PC in 2018 and will see players battling against the forces of evil as Otto, in strategic, action-filled, and quick-thinking battles. In the game players will be able to summon armies of 100 Guardians at a time who can be commanded using intuitive and innovative gameplay built for controllers in mind, though keyboard and mouse controls will also be supported.

Looks like players will be battling it out against the evil Zhar who happens to have captured Otto’s fiancée Ana. Fortunately Otto has the power of Anima, the lifeblood of the world of Spark, to summon Guardians to take down Zahr and his Golems.

Masters of Anima is set to launch in 2018. A handful of new screenshots have been released for the game, which you can see below:

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