On Saturday, November 17, the latest installments in the Pokemon videogame series, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon will be released. Nintendo NY, Nintendo’s official New York City store, has just announced that they’ll be holding a whole weekend of events in honor of the two new games.

Some of the events listed on the Facebook page for the weekend of fun are photos with Pikachu, giveaways, and a special demo of the game with a member from Nintendo’s Treehouse events. At past events, such as the special day-long event for Pokemon’s twentieth anniversary, giveaways have included exclusive, event-specific items, and sometimes even consoles or games. There are also usually freebies like paper Pokemon hats, codes, and posters at events such as these.

On Friday, November 17, festivities will be starting at five p.m. and ending at seven p.m., and on November 18 and 19, things will get started at 12 p.m and end by 4 p.m. If you plan on going, we recommend that you wear comfortable shoes, dress warmly, and get there early: these events are usually extremely well-attended, and there is normally a lot of standing in lines both inside and outside the store.

Nintendo NY is located in Rockefeller Plaza, which is also a very tourist-heavy area to begin with.

For further updates on the events scheduled for this weekend, please be sure to check the Facebook page for the event and Nintendo NY’s official Twitter page.

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