BGG.CON is currently underway and there are a ton of weird and wonderful board games available to all attendees. But if you can’t see the wood for the trees, we’ve got a handful of games definitely worth checking out.

Find below our top three games being shown and BGG.CON this year, and our experience with all three.


This game delivers an incredibly interesting action-choice system in the form of 3 rotating wheels and it mixes in engine building with a super tight and competitive scoring system. Plan ahead and rotate your wheels to line up your actions for big combos. If everything goes according to plan you can expect satisfying turns with big gains.

Noria commanded a lot of attention at the table; both from the players trying to build their engine and predict the wheel rotations and casual observers because of how great it looks on a table.

I lost by 4 points at the end and it left me with lessons learned for my next playthrough. If you like brain burners and engine building, don’t let this one pass you by.

Terra Mystica: Gaia Project

Before I talk about this, I’m a massive Terra Mystica fan. I think it has deserved its spot toward the top of BGG’s Top 100 this past two years and then some. With that said, move over cause Gaia Project is here.

The spiritual successor brings in all of the same mechanics but with updated and more intricate refinements. “Terra Mystica in Space” let’s you colonize planets, research technology and comes with all of the racial and scoring variety you’ve come to expect from the previous game.

If Terra Mystica was your game, this one will be too. And if you didn’t get the chance to really dive in to Terra Mystica’s mythical creatures, then their space-faring counterparts be absolutely worth playing.

When I Dream

This game is a departure from my usual genre but boy does it deserve its spot. It’s simple, one player is the dreamer (complete with a sleep mask so he can’t see) and the other players are either Fairies, Boogiemen or the Sandman. A card will be revealed that will show a picture and a word. (ie. Sword) and each of the players except the sleeper will take turns giving a one word clue (Blade, Knight, Weapon) and the dreamer must guess what it is.

The Fairies want a correct guess, the Boogiemen want a wrong guess and the sandman wants the sleeper to guess the same amount right or wrong at the end of the two minute round. After the timer runs out, the dreamer will describe his or her dream that includes all of the guesses.

Once the round is over, everyone gets points based on their objective. Right answers go to the Fairies and Dreamer. Wrong answers to the Boogiemen and the Sandman gets more points the closer to equal the two stacks are. And finally the dreamer get extra if the dream included the right answers.

What a great experience! It requires imagination, memory, clever misdirection and co-operation. The rounds are fast and the more you play, the less you focus on points and the more you just want another round. It comes out next week and is worth every penny.

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