At Blizzcon this weekend Blizzard announced the latest hero to join the Overwatch roster: Moira, and she seems to be a blend of a few already familiar faces.

Moira is the game’s 26th playable character and will be a new Support character. Much like Ana, Moira is capable of dealing both a decent amount of damage as well as providing some decent support. She looks a little like if Ana, Mercy, and Sombra were smashed together into one character.

According to the game’s lore, she used to be a geneticist who worked for Talon, which gives her a connection with Reaper’s Blackwarch organisation. Of course, she’s a little more than just a geneticist now with her damage dealing orbs of energy.

Here’s a rundown of Moira’s abilities:

Biotic Grasp

  • Using her left hand, Moira expends biotic energy to heal allies in front of her. Her right hand fires a long-range beam weapon that saps enemies’ health, healing Moira and replenishing her biotic energy.

Biotic Orb

  • Moira launches a rebounding biotic sphere; she can choose between a regeneration effect that heals the allies it passes through, or a decay effect that deals damage to enemies.


  • Moira quickly teleports a short distance.


  • Moira channels a long-range beam that both heals allies and bypasses barriers to damage her enemies.

You can check out the overview trailer below, as well as a brand new origin story video.

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