Red Giant have today announced the launch of Universe 2.2 and the brand new short film, “Hewlogram,” starring David Hewlett.

The 80s were a time when computers were becoming more accessible to the general public. We began to learn how to type and dream of what the Internet could do for us one day. Though our ambitions were lofty, our understanding of what exactly a computer was capable of was indeed very limited.

Of course, Hollywood jumped on this emerging trend with the likes of Tron and Wargames as handsome actors played computer folk spurting out jargon that went over peoples heads. One such project was Automan. Don’t fret, Automan is not a forgotten DC superhero that has been rebooted out of existence. It followed a crime-fighting duo of a geeky cop and hologram fighting crime.

Why am I digging this all up? Is Automan due a reboot of some kind? Maybe one day, but right now, we’ve got Hewlogram!

Imagine this, you’re poking around on your computer and boom! You accidentally create a crime-fighting hologram which looks like actor David Hewlett (Stargate Atlantis and the mean boss from Splice) who rifts on 80s TV programming.

Watch Hewlett and company make fun of the buddy cop genre with a few little easter eggs for eagle-eyed Stargate fans and fans of Automan himself.

I mean watch some computer-based nonsense from the 80s and see the lumped together tech jargon and how absurd the buddy cop format is.

You have a cop and a quirky civilian teaming up to fight dangerous crime, I mean how ridiculous is that? Think about it. Though Hewlogram cheerfully pokes fun at this and will leave a smile on your face with a cheery five-minute distraction.

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