On the weekend of October 14, the Retro World Expo, hosted in the Connecticut Convention Center of Hartford, Connecticut, ran its annual auction. The numbers are finally in, and everything that can be tallied has been. So how well did the event go?

According to Kris Krohn, the operations and management director of the expo, there were over 5,000 attendees to the Retro World Expo as a whole. As for the auction itself, there ended up around 75-100 bidders, pitted against each other for about 100-150 items that included video games, consoles, vintage toys, and other pop culture items of interest. It ran for about an hour and a half to two hours.

Our last article on RWX mentioned that a copy of the ultra-rare Stadium Events NES game would be on the auction block. Unfortunately, Stadium Events didn’t end up selling; bids didn’t end up hitting the seller’s reserve price. However, bids got all the way up to $8,000–no small feat! This cartridge was brought to RWX by Play It Retro and People Play Games, two videogame stores out of Chicago.

Some bidders walked away ecstatic: the copy of Little Samson we mentioned in the previous article went to a man who was on a quest to complete his NES games collection. There are an estimated six to seven hundred games for the NES altogether, and Little Samson was the attendee’s final piece needed for his collection. He ended up paying $800 for the rare cartridge.

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Because items could be consigned at the event itself, some cool things turned up last minute: a particular favorite of Krohn’s seemed to be a vintage glass Nintendo showcase, which went home with a lucky bidder for a steal at $200. He also mentioned that a ton of Star Wars toys and memorabilia turned up during the weekend before the auction took place, and many of the event vendors contributed various items to the auction as well.

Other events at the Expo ran smoothly as well; the Expo hosted many videogame tournaments and videogame gameshows like “Who Wants to be a Super Millionaire?” and “Press Your Luck.”

Retro World Expo will be running again next year in the same location. A specific date has not been set yet, but August, September, October, and November were all cited as possible months for RWX 2018. Krohn looks forward to seeing RWX grow even bigger in the future.

For those of you that can’t wait until next year, Retro Games Plus, the store chain affiliated with the Expo, does run an event with ConnGo (Connecticut Gamers Organization) in its stores about four times a year. At this event, vendors set up tables in the store from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. and all are welcome to attend. There are also mini-tournaments and refreshments for event attendees, and no fees to enter. The store also operates as usual during this time.

The next ConnGo event will be at the Orange, CT store on November 25.

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