I’m going to be honest, I wanted to write this a lot earlier. But I’ve been a bit pre-occupied with well, playing Guild Wars 2. I got into Guild Wars 2 just prior to the release of Heart of Thorns, but never delved into the DLC. As a Broke-as-balls University student with only a MacBook and an extortionately high monthly rent bill to my name, I went looking for something that was both free-to-play, and available on Mac, you know, the most powerful of gaming machines. And that’s where Guild Wars 2 came in.

Having build myself a relatively budget PC to delve into the bottomless pit that is PC gaming, I figured what better time to go back to Tyria and continue my story. So I set my countryside Internet to overdrive, and got the client downloading. A small eternity later, once my download had finally hit playable, I was greeted by my Sylvari Guardian, who had been my character of choice through many a long lecture at university. I mean I paid full attention to every lecture… yeah that. Educational neglect aside, I was  eager to hop right back into the action, and pick up right where I left off.

Except I had no idea where I had left off. The best part of a couple of years had passed. I had no clue where I was, or what I was doing, let alone what build I was going for. Thankfully Guild Wars 2 is one of those games that really helps you out when you come back from a long hiatus. Past story progression is all there to be read, your character choices all nicely laid out. Which helped me to realise pretty quickly I’d made some right shit choices. Must have been the lecturer distracting me. We’ll go with that. Upon discovering this, and remembering I’d put absolutely nothing into the crafting system, I chose to start afresh. I ended up later using my Sylvari Guardian for my review of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire utilising the level 80 booster that came with the DLC kindly given to us by ArenaNet. That sorted my previous shit build issues right out!


Before that all came along, I created a fresh character, a Human Fighter, and set about an all new adventure in Tyria. Thanks to the way Guild Wars 2 handles its story content, and the gigantic world that ArenaNet have produced, I was welcomed by a completely new, tailored experience. I once again found myself engrossed in the world of Tyria, and before I knew it, it was 3am and time to fall into bed.

I chose this time around to really focus on my character build and explore the elements of the game I neglected before. I delved into the rather daunting smithing system, focusing on armour-smithing. After looking on forums for some guides, everything made a lot more sense, and I rapidly gained levels and some rather sweet armour I made for myself. The smithing system within Guild Wars 2 isn’t for the faint hearted when it comes to levelling, and I highly recommend following one of the many guides available across the forums if you’re looking to learn the basics.

The rest of my character build has taken place around making sure I am maximizing my strengths with my armour stats and points distribution, which has no doubt lengthened my experience, but has been a rewarding undertaking throughout. I’ve come to understand how everything works together, and considered armour with more thought than simply ‘Oh that’ll keep me alive.’ I’m still yet to dive back into the World vs world and PvP content, and am very excited to do so.

Returning to Guild Wars 2 has illustrated to me just how well the game has aged. Still getting updates from ArenaNet, and the living world content is forever a joy to partake in. It’s great to see and MMO get so much support outside of DLC content. I was definitely expecting a visual and performance hike now I was playing on PC, and Guild wars 2 certainly delivered. The game never looked bad on Mac, but coming back on a modest PC build, which we have featured in our guide to PC gaming on a budget, I was able to get 60fps+ on decent settings, which really helped to immerse me back into the world of Tyria.

Guild Wars 2 is a perfect game for anyone new to PC gaming, the free to play model, the metric shitload of content and the potential to further expand the story past level 80 with the game’s DLC content all make Guild wars 2 a must play title even today. I’ve greatly enjoyed losing myself once again to the world of Tyria, and I look forward to loosing some more sleep working on the perfect character.

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