An epic battle in space erupts as the crew of the SDF-1 find themselves far from home and a vicious enemy determined to take them out. It’s time for them to fight back, but it won’t come without a deadly cost.

If you happen to have watched Robotech, you’ll know a lot of the action takes place in space with dogfights between alien and human fighters. Also, if you’ve seen the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, you’ll have seen the same thing too.

I think it’s because of Battlestar that the new comic book series has chosen to focus the attention on the SDF-1’s crew instead of the dogfight.

As the dust settles, the evil aliens, The Zentradi attack and the crew must tap into the awesome potential of the mysterious vessel with a dark flashback implying something unpleasant happened on board about 10 years ago.

The artwork reminds of the crackly picture quality of an old TV show, it adds a sense of suspense, but in places, it really fails to capture the epic vastness of a space battle. Story-wise, things are getting darker and it’s really making its own unique mark on the story as Rick Hunter’s journey divulges from the show and a new angle is introduced.

Meanwhile his ‘big brother’ Roy may have a dark secret that could change everything about how the SDF-1 became usable for the humans. Though this issue was light on story and it is concerning me a little as this how all the issue have felt so far, I was distracted by the fun space battle.

Tragedy strikes in this issue and with another change to the canon, I can’t wait to see where it goes as I stay on board Macross just a little longer to see what happens next in this light on story but big on promises affair.

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