Sony has announced that PlayStation 4 players in North America can now trade-in their Trophies in exchange for PSN credit.

It looks like all of that effort collecting PlayStation Trophies wasn’t a waste after all, at least for those of you in North America, as Sony is now letting players exchange their Trophies for credit, and of course those Platinums are well worthwhile.

The Sony Rewards system, as it’s called, will allow players to register their Trophies and gain “points” which can be used on future purchases. This is how Trophies will be broken down into points:

  • 100 Silver trophies – 100 points
  • 25 Gold trophies – 250 points
  • 10 Platinum trophies – 1,000 points

What this means in terms of real cash isn’t a lot. 1,000 points is the equivalent of $10. However $10 towards your next online purchase isn’t the worst, especially considering those Trophies have likely been sitting there for some time now.

Unfortunately this is only for US customers right now and Sony has no current plans to bring Sony Rewards to other territories right now.

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