Prepare your wallets, the latest Steam sale is here in the form of the Steam Autumn Sale which comes along side nominations for this years Steam Awards.

The Steam Autumn Sale is in full swing offering some pretty deep discounts on some must-have games from the past couple of months. There are also a huge number of discounts on some hit indie titles too such as Night in the Woods and The Witness.

Hell, you can pick up Rainbow Six Siege for £5.99, the entire DiRT Franchise is discounted, and Shadow of War is also on sale for £26.99. These deals are expected to last throughout Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with all deals coming to an end on November 28 at 10am Pacific.

Valve have also taken this opportunity to tout the upcoming Steam Awards with a number of games given lovely little call-to-action buttons to nominate your favourite game for a Steam Award this year. Players will earn XP and badges for taking part too!

This news also lead Valve to reveal that the votes will be taking place in December during the Winter Sale. Isn’t that nice.

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