According to Studio MDHR’s founders Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, they big plans for the future of Cuphead and Mugman, saying in an interview that they’re “guaranteed to return”.

In an interview with IGN, the brothers confirmed that Cuphead’s world domination has only just begun. With a game that scored well and a line of nostalgia-inducing POP! Vinyls, we haven’t seen the last of the adorable little guy and his brother, Mugman.

“Guaranteed you’ll see Cuphead at some point,” Jared said in an interview when asked whether Cuphead was a one-time thing. “But as far as what are our plans, what are we distinctly doing next, there’s been zero time to really breathe or think,” Jared added. Chad also added that they “would have had two 30-minute chats about the future.”

Cuphead launched on Xbox One and PC at the end of September and managed to sell around one million copies within its first two weeks. The game has continued to win people’s hearts, so I’m sure many of us are looking forward to a Cuphead-filled future.

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