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Blasting Cap: Gunpowder Heart is an oddly named early access platformer available on Gamejolt. ‘Oh God’, I hear you cry, ‘not another indie platformer’. I know, platformers make up the majority of indie games, from artistic experiences like Limbo to frantic, old school action in Shovel Knight. Despite the over-saturated genre, I do think that Blasting Cap shows some promise at being a simplistic and fun addition.

The game is in a very early stage of development, with the current alpha build still lacking sound, but is playable and quite enjoyable for its short run time. Depending on how good you are at these sort of thing, it should take anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour to complete.

The premise is very basic: you play as generic platformer protagonist #4953, a colourful sprite with an overly large head, and it is your mission to make your way up an ancient tower. You must jump and shoot your way, dying repeatedly along the way. So far, so standard.

So what is actually different in this game compared to most platformers out there? Well, I for one enjoy the purity of it. Blasting Cap is a platformer through and through, there’s no overly indulgent artstyle or pretentious story clogging up the experience. It is just you, a tower full of pixel robots, and your own growing frustration as you fail to make the timed jump section yet again.

The game also controls solidly, the most important aspect of any platformer. There are only four buttons currently: move left, move right, jump and shoot. This adds to the very simplistic yet fun feel of the game, and means you can pick it up and know what to do from the get go.

There are a few issues, as to be expected from any game this early in development. There are a few parts where it seems impossible to continue without triggering an explosive, which I feel detracts a bit. Having to launch your face into a mine after just effortlessly slaughtering three robot minions robs you of the satisfaction somewhat. Additionally, the difficulty may pose a bit of a barrier to you if you aren’t a regular platformer player.

The game can also be run on an old toaster. The file size, a whopping 2 Megabytes, is refreshingly small, and the pixel graphics mean that even I, with a laptop so old that it overheats if you breathe on it too hard, could run it without any issue. Whether this means the game will be released on mobile devices in the future isn’t clear, and probably relies on how much support you, the consumer, gives the developer.

Overall, Blasting Cap: Gunpowder Explosion is a fun little platformer that should entertain you for an afternoon, and promises new things as development continues. Check it out here.

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