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Created by two-man based team, Miga, this weeks pick for The Indie Fix is a sci-fi adventure called Hevn.

Imagine it’s the year 2128. Now imagine Earth heating up and struggling to support overpopulation. But if a mysterious, dangerous mining mission provided an escape – would you go? The catch is, it’s light years away.

Playing as a character named Sebastian Mar, you join the mission that proves to be as controversial as it is secretive and are thrown into a world full of danger. As gamers, we all know the idea of travelling to another planet in an effort to make our world better is an absolutely horrible idea. Hevn is an adventure that forces you to fight off aliens with the help of robots, as well as paying attention your own needs like hunger, health and dehydration – think of it like Hardcore mode in Fallout: New Vegas. There are many tools, clues and resources that you can find if you just explore – but it might be wise to also be watch your back.

Hevn offers a diverse world that’s unpredictable. In one of the gameplay trailers, you’re walking through the planet during what looks like a sandstorm. Despite the fact you’re all geared up and have a robot on your side as your companion, the fact that you can’t see two feet in front of you as you walk to your goal is super eerie.

The world is equal parts mountainous badlands, caves and creepily empty spaceship – what put it in that state? Any guesses? If games like Dead Space are any indication…but that’s just my guess. One thing I love is that the devs aren’t letting on just yet what these big bad aliens look like but why kill the surprise right? The game also offers a night/day time cycle making it that much more immersive.

Hevn has a ton of puzzles, like being trapped in a room with seemingly no way way out for example. You can learn more about the world around you by finding Datagraphs.

Started as a project 3 years ago, the guys at Miga have currently released a demo, which they describe as sort of like a tutorial to the game. Larry Johnson (Game Dev) and Mat Mathews (writer) have created a unique space adventure to a sinister new planet full of danger and intrigue.

Check out the website to learn more about Hevn, which is coming out December 19th!

And before you go, don’t forget to check out this trailer titled ‘They’re Watching!’ which will give you all the goosebumps!

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