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Outriders seeks to blend the humour and gameplay of LucasARts point ‘n’ click adventure classics with beat ’em up style gameplay and it does so quite well.

You step into the shoes of Rast, a no nonsense biker with a big badass ride and a personality to match. The alpha demo starts you off in the middle of a mission to get back a shipment that was stolen from your gang, the Outriders.

Rast isn’t a alone however. He’s got his robot buddy 50N1 to keep him on the right track. 50N1 will not only follow you about but you can talk to him and he’ll offer insight on what to do next in case you get stuck or forget. Outriders does a lot to make point ‘n’ click gameplay more enjoyable and accessible than older games have done. For one thing you don’t point or click, you move around with the WASD keys and press E to interact with things. Then you get a radial menu allowing you to choose from looking at it, interacting with it or talking to it/him/her. The fact that interactive objects are also highlighted when you’re near them makes it a great deal less tedious trying to find an important object.

Talking to people and solving puzzles by rubbing items on important things isn’t the only gameplay Outriders has. There are also beat ’em up sections. They’re pretty simple in that you can only punch, shoulder bash and do an upper cut or use your gun but combat is fast, smooth and overall enjoyable. Hopefully in the full game this will be expanded upon with new moves and different kinds of enemies. There actually is a boss fight in the demo but it’s not playable “due to budget constraints”.

Outriders’ demo actually got me to chuckle a good few times despite only being about 15 minutes long. The team behind it, GamesforTutti, certainly seem to know what they’re doing and Outriders captures the sense of humour those old adventure games are known for. I can’t wait to see how the full game turns out.

You can download the alpha demo for Outriders here.

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