Oxymoron Games have announced Project Hospital, a brand new hospital management sim which channels Bullfrog’s Theme Hospital.

I have incredibly fond memories of Theme Hospital, and I occasionally jump back on the game every so often through Origin. There was always something great about Bullfrog’s use of humour, especially in a hospital setting. Unfortunately, Bullfrog no longer exist and we look to other avenues for our hospital management joy.

In comes Project Hospital from Oxymoron Games who haven’t really been coy about their game’s similarities to the popular title from the 90s, and that’s totally okay, because it’s about time we got a “fresh take” on the hospital management sim.

With similar isometric design as Bullfrog’s title, the only thing missing is the annoying receptionist announcements, the clacky typing of the GP, and the cure for Bloaty Heads.

Developer Oxymoron Games has announced Project Hospital, a hospital-themed management sim that’s quite a lot like that game what Bullfrog did back in the 90s.

The game offers several styles of play too, from getting deep into the architecture, to simply running and managing a pre-made hospital. There are also many different objects and materials for players to use too, which is nice. The usual hospital sim ingredients are there too from managing staff, building specialist treatment departments, and of course researching and curing illness.

Here’s a trailer for the game offering a quick glimpse of gameplay:

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Project Hospital is set to land on PC sometime in 2018. For more information head on over to the game’s website.

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