Superman is one tough cookie. Hands down he’s probably one of the strongest superheroes in fiction, but he always finds someone bigger and meaner to scrap with. Take characters like Doomsday and Darkseid, they knock him around and he keeps getting back up until he gets the job done.

Though sometimes you really want to see two people fight. Two warriors in their prime and the top of their game duking it out as two talents combine and meet a worthy challenge and satisfy a playground debate.

Some Wrestling fans dreamed of seeing Sting take on the Undertaker. UFC fans dream of Bruce Lee scrapping with some of the leagues finest. Others dream of seeing the Terminator and Robocop battling it out until the end. I, on the other hand, have three guys I’d love to see the Man of Steel scrap with.

To make things fair, no one can exploit his well know weakness of Kryptonite and his lesser known ones of red sun radiation and magic (so Harry Potter and Gandalf are out).

Colossus from the X-Men – Yes, we couldn’t do a list like this without mentioning DC’s rival publisher Marvel. The metal goliath from the X-Men is also a tough cookie. As demonstrated in Deadpool, even a sharp kick to the man bits can’t keep him down for long.

His tough metal exterior is sure to give Superman a tough time if these two ever came into conflict.

Godzilla – Superman has had to take a few giant monsters in his time and during an early draft for a Superman movie, he was going to take down a giant spider. So how would he do against one of the worlds most famous giant monsters?

How would Superman do against a foe that was much bigger than him?

James Bond – Because I needed a third one and you know, the third one in a trilogy tends to be a bit naff when you think about it; Spider-man 3, Godfather 3 and the mother of them all, Superman 3 for example.

How would the super spy do against the Superman? Would Q have a set of super gadgets that could take on the Man of Steel? I’d like to find out, I mean Superman has only lived twice.

Can you guys think of anyone? Why don’t you let us know in the comments!

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