Trion Worlds’ free-to-play voxel adventure game, Trove, is about to get much bigger thanks to the upcoming Trove – Adventures expansion set to land on November 14.

Trove – Adventures is set to completely revamp the way players join up and play, allowing them to come together and take on the game’s various worlds together like nothing before. The expansion will bring a brand new Club system where players can customise their own club worlds.

These Clubs will connect players (Troveians) with each other allowing them to go on adventures, level up clubs, and power up their characters. In addition, brand new Fixtures will be added to the game that are upgradable and customisable structures that’ll bring some of the game’s iconic NPCs that’ll offer new adventures and special buffs to the Club.

Trove – Adventures will also bring and all-new Forbidden Spires Biome inspired by Asian architecture and design. It’ll offer new NPCs, Dungeons, and Lairs for players to explore. Aside from this, the expansion comes with a number of other little changes, such as Mastery breing uncapped, there’ll be updated leaderboards that’ll reward players with cosmetic items, and much more.

Trove – Adventures launches for free on November 14 on all platforms.

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