Turtle Beach Earforce Recon 150 are the latest addition to Turtle Beach’s low-end headset range. Compatible with both PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this headset comes with a thick and rugged feel with some pretty big cans for your ears. But how well do they perform and are they worth the £50 price tag attached to them?

Design-wise the Turtle Beach Earforce Recon 150 are pretty much your standard gaming headset affair. It offers a quite nice bulky frame with a pretty comfortable leather strap which sits nicely on your head the headset is however quite plasticy, but you get what you pay for in that respect. The headset’s massive 50mm speakers cup your ears quite nicely too and sound great too, they are also pretty damn comfortable.

Speaking of sound, the headset can also double as headphones as the boom microphone is fully removable. What’s more, the PC extender cable – which I might add is pretty damn long, can also be removed meaning you could have these headphones as part of your daily carry.

Gaming-wise the headset performs well enough, however there is a lack of surround sound, which isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, but there are similarly-priced headsets on the market which do. Another little niggle with the headset is that, despite the mic being crystal-clear to those hearing you, the headset doesn’t have a monitor feature so you can’t hear yourself. This is especially troublesome if you tend to have the game quite loud.

For consoles, the headset works as advertised. Simply plug the 3.5mm jack into your controller and away you go – that is if you have one of the later model Xbox One controllers with the jack build-in. For PC’s it becomes a little more of a burden as you’ll need to jam in the adaptor which in all fairness is pretty long, but slightly cumbersome.

Overall the Turtle Beach Earforce Recon 150 gaming headset is what it is. There’s nothing overly remarkable about them. If you’re looking for a decent budget headset for gaming, this hits the nail right on the head, they sound great, are pretty comfortable after long gaming sessions, and can be used outside of gaming. They also avoid looking overly “gamer” with a simple black and blue design. There are no edgy corners or unnecessary flashy lights.

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