War Child UK have today announced that from December 1 the world’s first mobile gaming Armstice will be taking place in a number of high-profile games on both iOS and Android.

War Child‘s Gaming Armstice is already well under way and has already seen the gaming community unite for a moment of silence in BlackMill Games & M2H’s WW1 game Verdun, as well as Big Huge Games’ DomiNations. Adding to that over 11,000 players have donated to War Child by downloading DLC in World of Tanks activation.

For those who don’t know, War Child‘s Gaming Armstice is an event which brings awareness and support to children across the world who are in war-stricken countries. This is done through various in-game events which sees players put down their weapons and instead have a bit of fun – much like the Christmas Truce in 1914.

Speaking of which, Verdun will also reactivate their ‘Christmas Truce’ DLC that raised over £17,000 last year. This DLC will allow players to re-enact the famous 1914 Christmas Truce and take part in snow ball fights, football matches, and send post cards to their loved ones.

So what’s the War Child UK Mobile Armstice? Think of it the same as the bigger scale Armstice but on mobile. Game titles like Dragon City, DomiNations, Royal Revolt 2, War Wings, Brave Cross, The Respawnables, Dawn of Titans, March of Empires, War Planet Online: Global Conquest, Total War Battles: Kingdom, and 99 Bricks: Wizard Academy, will see exclusive challenges, peace items, and in-app purchases, to support the charity.

Adam Holmes, Gaming Partnerships Executive at War Child UK, says:

“The mobile gaming industry is worth over $40 billion while the movie industry is estimated at around $35 billion. It’s incredibly exciting to think what an industry of this size and scale can achieve as a force for good to support some of the world’s most vulnerable children.

“We can’t wait to try all the amazing activations and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our gaming partners and their communities for coming together to support War Child’s Armistice.”

Below is a list of all of the activities and events taking place in the games mentioned above:

  • Dragon City by Social Point will be inviting players to take part in their ‘Peace Dragon Breeding’ event.
  • Big Huge Games’ DomiNations are giving players the opportunity to purchase a non-violent bundle of items, including ‘Peace Treaties’ – a consumable that gives players immunity from attack for 24 hours.
  • Royal Revolt 2 by Flaregames will be allowing players to purchase new winter themed skins for Pals – the mythical beasts that protect and support the Hero in the game.
  • World War II game War Wings by Miniclip, will be giving players access to a ‘War Child Bundle,’ which will feature a bespoke Peace Medal that players can assign to their profile, as well as multi-functional toolboxes and other non-violent consumables.
  • Marking their 30th year of games development, Creative Assembly is donating 30 days of net revenues from Total War Battles: Kingdom on Google Play, including in-app purchases of healing items, in support of War Child’s Armistice.
  • Fantasy RPG game, Brave Cross by Seasun Games will be selling a bundle of gems that will reward players with the unlocking of Luna, the healing hero of the game.
  • Digital Legends’ The Respawnables will be supporting Armistice by adding ’The Healer’, a new item which players can use to heal their allies and launch non-lethal tranquilisers at the enemy for a limited timed.
  • Dawn of Titans by Natural Motion will have an exclusive in-app sale of non-violent items including ‘Shields’, a game mechanic that provides players with immunity from attack for 24 hours.
  • Gameloft’s leading strategy titles March of Empires and War Planet Online: Global Conquest will be selling a limited time in-app purchase bundle, including non-violent items such as peace shields that protect players from attack.
  • Fun and magical physics builder 99 Bricks Wizard Academy by WeirdBeard will be donating 60% of all net revenue received between 1-7 December to War Child.

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