The Xbox One X has been on sale for a little under a week now, and it’s been revealed that the console has shipped an impressive 80,000 in the UK.

According to, retailers in the UK have shared data which have revealed that week-one sales of the Xbox One X, which launched on Tuesday 7, 2017, have hit the 80,000 mark. Raw data reveals that the console has shipped 67,000 units, and hardware figures are up-weighted by 20% giving the console the 80,000 figure.

This puts the Xbox One X on par with the Nintendo Switch which hit a similar record back in March. It also puts the Xbox One X well ahead of the PlayStation 4 Pro which managed to shift 50,000 units in November 2016.

Considering this is just sales in the UK, it may show that the console has had an impressive launch in other territories too. It’ll be interesting to see how well the console has done in the US. We’ll likely have to wait for the NPD Group to release their report next month.

Microsoft has yet to weigh in on the consoles sales and we’re unsure if they will as they vowed to stop sharing sales numbers back in 2015.

Is the Xbox One X worth the money? Our very own Dale Bihari seems to think so, he gave the console pretty high praise, to find out more read our full Xbox One X Review.



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