2017 is apparently year of the meme… I mean, I say apparently, but that’s my own assumption as I’ve never seen as many memes be widely adopted as they have this year…

Over the year we’ve seem the humble meme evolve from simple macro images, to rage comics, to viral videos being taken out of context, and this year we’ve had more than we can handle. From “Salt Bae” all the way to “The Ting Goes…” you’re probably sick of people thinking that they’re the most original person on the internet because they used the Mocking Spongebob meme at the most perfect time.

So if you want to become the smartest person on the Internet, so smart that you’d actually be able to watch Rick and Morty and understand the sheer complexity of each apparent hidden meaning in every frame of every episode, then sit back and take a journey through 2017’s memes.

Salt Bae

Ottoman steak 🔪

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Salt Bae, also know as Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe took the Internet by storm earlier this year with his questionable way of salting meat. Since then, Salt Bae has found Internet fame and regularly posts Instagram videos stylishly slapping and slicing up cuts of meat, cooking them, and pulling out his trademark salt shake.

I know this from personal experience as I follow the chap on Instagram. That guy certainly knows how to cook meat…

Roll Safe

An image of actor Kayode Ewumi playing Reece Simpson in Hood Documentary found Internet fame this year as a way for people to justify poor decisions or ways to simply avoid awkward situations… It seems like the perfect meme for almost everyone who is painfully aware that they’re just not that good at something.

Drew Scanlon (Blink Meme)

Now pretty much every messenger app has some sort of gif-sharing feature, this reaction gif seemed to be one of the most popular from this year and it’s the one labelled “white guy blinking”. That “white guy blinking” was ex-Giant Bomb writer, Drew Scanlon.

The gif comes from a clip of a 2013 Giant Bomb video where Scanlon reacted to editor, Jeff Gerstmann saying “I’ve been doing some farming with my hoe here”, in a surprised- blinky manner. Thus a meme was born.

The Ting Goes

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Big Shaq, AKA Michael Dapaah, took the world by storm this year following his appearance on BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Fire in the Booth where he performed Man’s Not Hot, live. While the entirety of the song is filled with intentional and complete nonsense, the ting that tickled everyone’s funny bones was the gun sound effect freestyle during the bridge of the song.

From here many memes appeared which appeared to be seemingly innocent, until they burst into “the ting goes”. Since then, Big Shaq’s Man’s Not Hot has blown up, and whether you love him or hate him, you’ve got to admit that he certainly left an impression on 2017.


What started out as Spongebob Squarepants having a bit of an existential crisis whenever he sees plaid, resulting in him turning into a chicken, quickly turned into a brand new way to mock each other – like there aren’t already enough ways to do that online.

Mocking Spongebob is however one of the better memes from this year, but then I am biased because I love anything to do with Spongebob.

Expanding Brain

The expanding brain meme is one of the later meme’s I’ve seen spread across the Internet. This meme shows a sequence of brain sizes relative to certain factors. Basically it’s another meme to insult people with.

I’ve mostly seen this meme used among music fan pages comparing notably poor bands in the genre as the lesser brain, and lower down with larger, more elaborate brain images, the more renown the band may be.

Distracted Boyfriend

This stock image of a guy seemingly distracted by another woman while his current girl stands in disbelief absolutely blew up this year as the creative folk on the Internet decided to twist it around to apply to their own situations.

The meme just shows that as a society we’re never happy with what we’ve got and we’re always looking for something better, right?

The good news is, the series of stock photos turned out to have a surprising ending when the girl that the chap was oggling, ends up getting with the girl he’s ignoring. That’s karma for you.

Cash Me Ousside

This year has a habit of dragging stuff up from the past, and another one is the Cash Me Ousside girl who decided to try and start a fight with someone in the audience while she was on Dr. Phil. Since then, a macro image found its way online with her trademark quote “Cash me ousside, howbow dah?”

Since then, Danielle Bregoli has found internet fame and is apparently making bank online and has even started a rap career… lovely.


And there we have it. It’s been a tough year, but at least we’ve had memes help us get through it, right? RIGHT?

Jesus Christ, roll on 2018…

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