Well, I know what I want for Christmas next year… Not only would I like the new Spider-man game that’s coming out for PS4 but I would also like Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse.

That’s right, in case you missed it, Miles Morales will be making his big screen debut as Spider-man next in 2018 for Christmas in a Marvel/Sony animated joint.

The first big screen superhero animated flick since Big Hero 6 looks to be interesting as Miles Morales has to deal with a bigger multiverse of problems in the shadow of what appears to be a deceased Peter Parker (well, in his universe anyway). The Spider-verse almost guarantees us a whole bunch of different spider-heroes, like cowboy Spider-man or that one world where Spider-man is a knight.

We’ll save Spider-Gwen for the sequel. In case you didn’t know, Spider-Gwen is a universe where Peter Parker’s first proper love, Gwen Stacey, became Spider-woman.

So, who do I hope makes an appearance in the Spider-verse? Here are five possible suggestions:

The Tobey Maguire Spider-man

Tobey Maguire Spider-man

You kind of wanted to know how Sam Rami’s Spider-man ended didn’t you? You kind of wanted Spider-man 3 to be a bad dream and the franchise to go on for just a little bit longer.

Did MJ and Peter get back together? Well did they? Well now’s our chance to see what happens. The Spider-man of that universe could turn up and help guide a young Miles Morales at the beginning of his superhero adventure.

Mangaverse Spider-man

Mangaverse Spider-man

Let’s mash up this adventure with a bit of anime style action as a Peter Parker who is a ninja rolls up and breaks the film up with Naruto or Dragon Ball Z style action scenes.



How about a flashback to the 90s? Or how writers in the 90s imagined the 2000s were going to be as Peter Parker and Mary Jane’s daughter, Mayday Parker rolls up as Spider-girl and shows Miles he’s not the only one dealing with the mammoth legacy of Spider-man.

Scarlet Spider Ben Reily

Scarlet Spider Spider-man

This might be our only chance to get Ben on a big screen and that plucky little clone didn’t do anything wrong.

The origin story of being a clone was an interesting idea, creative differences lead to it all going wrong. Doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance?


 Spider-Punk Spider-man

We need a rocking soundtrack for this movie and I think Hobbie Brown, the Spider-Punk is the only who can provide it.

Coming from a world that seems to be based on a punk album, Hobbie Brown stands up against a corrupt government as Spider-man whilst dropping some solid guitar anthems.

Did we anyone else who think would be awesome? Let us know in the comments!

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