Abandon Ship is set to launch a little later than planned, Fireblade Software has announced today. But it’s not all bad news as they’ve released another gameplay video of the game in action.

Originally set to launch later this year, Fireblade Software today revealed that Abandon Ship was now set to launch into Steam Early Access in “Early 2018”. The decision didn’t come easy, however the developers believe the game will be better for it.

Team Lead Gary Burchell had this to say:

“Abandon Ship is a very systems-driven game, which is a fantastic fit for Early Access. We’re really looking forward to getting feedback and balancing the game with our community.

We’re committed to delivering an extremely high-quality experience, and to ensuring that even our initial release is as feature-complete and polished as possible. So far, the response from our play-testers has been exceptionally positive, but why stop there? With a little extra time, we can make the game even better.”

To hopefully save too many people from disappointment, Fireblade have also released a brand new gameplay video of Abandon Ship which shows off almost 30 minutes of gameplay. In the video you can see some of the game’s mechanics in action from naval battles, crew management, and map discovery.

Check it out below:

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