Soma Games‘ episodic stealth adventure, An Epic Tale of Redwall has made its way onto Steam’s Early Access.

The game is based on Brian Jacques’ Redwall book series and tells the story of three different characters that all end up at Redwall Abbey and end up helping bring Martin the Warrios’ sword to Matthias in order to put an end to Cluny the Scourge.

The first episode follows the character of Sophia, a young mouse Scout whose village is burned to the ground by the villainous Scumsnout. Her and her mate Liam must flee to Redwall Abbey for safety. At the moment there is only one playable level as the current version of the game remains unfinished. This level tasks the player with guiding the injured Liam through a forest by exploring and solving puzzles.

For now there isn’t much to see in the game but it does look promising. Exploring the forest is fun and the art style and music are beautiful and relaxing. Soma Games’ say that the full game will have many more features, of course. They include a “Robust NPC conversation mini-game” and “Character building RPG-lite feature” among others. And naturally, it would be Redwall if there wasn’t plenty of feasting to be done. “Feast preparation” is also planned to be a gameplay mechanic in the full game.

An Epic Tale of Redwall Screenshot

It’s clear that the developers have a lot of love for the world of Redwall and I can’t wait to see it fully realised. You can pick it up now on Steam where it’s 40% at £6.59. It’s full price on release will be £10.99.

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