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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is set to get another update soon that’ll bring some classic Animal Crossing features to the mobile game including gardening and clothes crafting.

In a Tweet, Animal Crossing revealed that gardening would be coming to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp that’ll allow players to tend to their own garden patch within their campsite. We’re unsure how this will come to the camp, but presumably it’ll act as an amenity much like the half pipe and the tent.

In other news, clothes crafting will also be making its way to the game, though details on when that’ll arrive are still “coming soon”.

Finally, it looks like a new character from the series is coming to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Though it isn’t confirmed, many are speculating that it’s introductory cat, Rover. I guess we’ll find out for sure pretty soon.

For more on Animal Crossing Pocket Camp check out n3rdabl3’s handy guide.


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