Attack of the Earthlings is an upcoming turn-based alien adventure game which puts players on the side of the aliens, for once.

In this game, the human species are a ruthless lot out for nothing but themselves. Having mined Earth dry, they’ve found a new planet to mine, and Galactoil is the company for the job. However, upon landing on Planet X13 they inadvertently destroyed a native species’ home and now the “Swarmers” are out for revenge.

As the aforementioned Swarmers, players must take on a dark yet comedic single player campaign and plan attacks on the invading humans as they dig for fuel in order to further upgrade their units. You see, Swarmers can convert human flesh into alien muscle, so the more humans players consume, the more powerful they become.

A little taste of what to expect can be found in the announcement trailer below:

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Attack of the Earthlings launches on Steam on February 8, 2018.

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