Batman Ninja Still

DC Comics have released the first trailers for Batman Ninja from New York Comic Con earlier this year.

You know how knocking two awesome things together sometimes creates something really amazing? Like peanut and chocolate? Or like how Trunks and Goten created Gotenks? Will how about Batman as a Ninja?

That’s right, DC Comics is having another crack at anime as DC’s Animated movie division is set to treat us another Elseworld tale with Batman Ninja. In a handful of trailers we get a glimpse at a reality where Batman exists in the ninja-samurai world as he battles The Joker.

From the guys who brought you Afro Samurai, expect a tale of epic sword fights and a mash-up of old Samurai flicks and blockbuster level production values.

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Batman Ninja is set to launch in 2018.

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