Battalion 1944 developer Bulkhead Interactive have released a brand new developer diary for their upcoming shooter which teases the game’s big reveal.

In a brand new video, Derby-based developers Bulkhead Interactive took a trip to Normandy for some inspiration for their upcoming classic World War II shooter, Battalion 1944. The video shows off some of the locations which the developers hope to recreate as well as the overall development process and what they hope to achieve when the game launches next year.

“Throughout development it’s been so important for us to study every element of World War II,” details Howard Philpott – Creative Producer at Bulkhead Interactive. “The main thing for us is to really understand the brutality and the visceral nature of the Second World War. We’ve been working so damn hard just to make sure we can capture the intensity of these weapons, and making that translate to a mouse and keyboard. It’s been a challenge, but I feel like we’ve really nailed it.”

In the video, Joe Brammer – Executive Producer and Director at Bulkhead Interactive revealed some of the personal issues he’s had throughout development and how the team and the community around the game has helped him pull through. Brammer also teased that on January 9, 2018 players will get their first-look at the game in action.

Square Enix Collective, the publisher behind Battalion 1944 has also revealed that the game will retail for £11.99/€14.99/$14.99 – less than the bottom tier during the game’s Kickstarter. As a result, those who backed the game will be rewarded with unique skins and cosmetic items and vanity-focused loot crates. Yeah, it’ll also have loot crates in the game.

Check out the video below:

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