Battlefield: Bad Company 3 might be the next big Battlefield game from EA if rumours are to be believed.

With Battlefield: Bad Company 2 being regarded as one of the best Battlefield games in the series, it comes as no surprise that when the time comes for a new Battlefield game, many are hoping that EA actually listens to its fans and launches another Bad Company game.

And now these prayers may have been answered thanks to YouTube creator, AlmightyDaq, who you may know as the same creator who leaked Battlefield 1 way ahead of its official announcement.

Take this information with a pinch of salt. Other than being correct about Battlefield 1, this user has just three videos on their channel and no real evidence to back up how or why they know this information. It’s worth noting that back in March 2016, AlmightyDaq did get almost every detail about Battlefield 1 correct, so there is some plausibility to this rumour. But again, grab a fistful of salt just in case.

According to the user, DICE’s next Battlefield game will be Battlefield: Bad Company 3 according to his source, and it’ll be taking place in the mid- and post-Vietnam War up to the Cold War. It’ll feature a campaign and will be historically accurate.

As for the game’s multiplayer mode, he reveals that it’ll bring back focus on tighter maps, however Conquest, Rush, and Operations, will be returning as well as much smaller modes like Team Deathmatch and Domination. There’ll also be a new mode, according to the video, which will be similar to Squad Obliteration from Battlefield 4, offering a 5v5 mode.

The video also details which classes will be available: Assault, Engineer, Support, and Recon, and there’s a rumoured return of the Battlepack system. Apparently however EA have listened to its fans and won’t be bringing microtransactions to the game.

Battlefield: Bad Company 3 is set to be unveiled at E3 2018. Check out the video for a few more little snippets of information. Again, a grain of salt is advised until we hear more about the game.

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