Having trouble finding all that sweet gear that was just released for Breath of the Wild‘s newest DLC? Here’s your quick and dirty guide to finding Misko’s Journal 2, located in the Deya Village Ruins.

STEP 1: Locate the Deya Village Ruins, in West Necluda. Fast traveling to the Bosh Kala Shrine will land you directly northwest of the swampy village. Cross the Hylia River and a small set of foothills, and you’ll find it. A longer hike due east from the Eastern Abbey Ruins will also get you there.

STEP 2: Be careful crossing the shallow waters, as a Stone Talos spawns at the center of the ruins. Circumnavigating the largest island will help you avoid the battle. Misko’s Journal 2 can be found in the destroyed house at the westernmost side of the lake (pictured above).

STEP 3: Locate the destroyed house near Deya Village Ruin’s western edge. A broken wagon rests beside it. If you’re facing east, you should be able to see the blue lights of a shrine and Naboris on the horizon.

STEP 4: Search the northwest corner of the destroyed house. There you’ll find Misko’s Journal. Once you read it’s pages, your Adventure Log will be updated with the general locations for the quests Ex Treasure: Merchant Hood, Ex Treasure: Garb of Winds, Ex Treasure: Usurper King, and Ex Treasure: Dark Armor.

Check in soon for more details about how to find the aforementioned treasure. Happy hunting!

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A correction: West is to the left. East is to the right. So it would be "easternmost side of the lake".