Having trouble finding all that sweet gear that was just released for Breath of the Wild‘s newest DLC? Here’s a quick guide for finding Ravio’s Hood, located in the jungles of Hyrule’s Faron region.

As soon as you download your new DLC, the Expansion Pass bonus content will immediately unlock. You’ll be prompted to search for a mysterious journal containing information about all kinds of new equipment.

If you haven’t already located it, check our guide for finding Misko’s Journal 2. Once you find it, your Adventure Log will update with information regarding four new pieces of armor. The hint provided by Misko’s Journal is fairly cryptic, so here is a step-by-step guide for those having difficulty finding the EX Chest containing Ravio’s Hood.

STEP 1: Locate the Spring of Courage, in northeastern Faron (map below). If you haven’t already discovered it, the spring can be found due east from the Bridge of Hylia’s north end – just cross the lake and traverse a few foothills. If you have completed the quest related to the Spring of Courage, fast traveling to the Shae Katha Shrine makes this sidequest a breeze.

STEP 2: Assuming you are fast traveling from Shae Katha, walk past the glowing Goddess Statue and continue going straight down the small set of stairs until you are outside of the dragon-shaped chamber. Be careful – the area is riddled with Lizalfos, all of which carry lightning arrows. Wear your Lizalfo Mask if you wish to avoid any fighting. Descend the small set of stairs and turn right directly upon exiting the stone facade, and look slightly up – you’ll see what looks like a claw, as hinted at through Misko’s Journal.

Exact location, hidden beneath the Dragon’s Claw

STEP 3: Once you turn directly right of the dragon-shaped facade/cave exit, there will be another large stone carving, slightly elevated from the ground. If you turn around and face north, the entire area looks like a dragon (pictured below). If looking at it while using Magnesis, you should see a small, movable object hidden beneath the stone claw. A very short climb reveals a small cave-like space underneath, in which you’ll find a buried EX Chest.

Use Magnesis if you’re having trouble finding the chest’s exact location

STEP 4: After climbing up the small hill, you’ll find an EX Chest buried halfway in the ground, directly beneath the Dragon’s Claw. Use Magnesis to pull it from the ground, and within it you’ll find Ravio’s Hood!

Ravio’s Hood hastens your sideways climbing speed. Sounds strange for a bunny, but pretty useful! Acquiring it will complete the sidequest EX Treasure Quest: Merchant’s Hood in your Adventure Log.

The Champion’s Ballad and Expansion Pass 2 has added three more pieces of armor, ready for you to find at your leisure. Stay tuned to n3rdabl3 for more guides on how to complete the other Ex Treasure Quests found in Misko’s Journal!

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