Having trouble finding all that sweet gear that was just released for Breath of the Wild‘s newest DLC? Here’s a quick guide for finding Zant’s Helmet, located in the mire of Tobio’s Hollow.

As soon as you download your new DLC, the Expansion Pass bonus content will immediately unlock. You’ll be prompted to search for a mysterious journal containing information about all kinds of new equipment.

If you haven’t already located it, check our guide for finding Misko’s Journal 2. Once you find it, your Adventure Log will update with information regarding four new pieces of armor. The hint provided by Misko’s Journal is fairly cryptic, so here is a step-by-step guide for those having difficulty finding the EX Chest containing Zant’s Helmet.

STEP 1: Locate Tobio’s Hollow, found in the Necluda Region (map image below). The hollow itself is surrounded by mountains, so the easiest way of accessing it is by paragliding in from above. The quickest way of doing so is via the Shee Vaneer Shrine, atop the southern Dueling Peak. Warp there, and fly due south until you reach the grey cliff face just before the hollow.

Your general view should look like this; I suggest landing on the grey cliff near Link’s feet

STEP 2: Land at the edge of the cliffs. Tobio’s Hollow is a pretty dramatic dip, but more notable is what you find at the bottom: muck – the kind that you can drown in. A handful of islands dot the swamp, but only one holds the EX Chest containing Zant’s helmet. The one you want is the westernmost island, marked by two dead trees (exact location below). It’s possible to walk from island to island, but paragliding in slowly is the easiest approach.

Stick the landing, unless you feel like drowning

STEP 3: Once safe on the island, look between the two dead trees and you’ll see a clump of moss that stands out. That’s your EX Chest. Equip Magnesis, pull it from the ground, and enjoy your reward! Just try not to fling it into the swamp.

Zant’s Helmet is probably the easiest armor to attain of the four new sets that come with Expansion Pass 2. It imbues an Unfreezable status while worn, making it impossible for those pesky Blue Lizalfos to freeze you. Take it with you throughout the Champion’s Ballad’s new quests, and be sure to check in here at n3 for more help finding the rest of those new DLC goodies.

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