Earlier on today Marcus Sellars, writer, reviewer and editor of various sites tweeted that Bandai Namco would be announcing Dark Souls remastered at an upcoming event.

The tweet was very quickly deleted but as we all know, once something’s on the internet it’s there forever.

Apart from the fact that a Dark Souls remaster would be amazing, the most exciting part of the rumour is that it would be coming out for the Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. Presumably it would also come to PC too but since the PC version already has a number of user-made mods and fixes it may not be necessary.

If the rumour turns out to be true, I hope that Dark Souls remastered is more than just a HD update with new textures and a few bug fixes. Like I said, that already exists for the PC version. An ideal remaster would include the parts of the game they never got to finish. The developers didn’t have time to finish certain areas like Lost Izalith and had to rush them. I’d really like for a remaster to improve upon the original and make Dark Souls an even more amazing experience than it already is.

However, I’d say it’s more realistic that a Demon’s Souls remaster is on its way. After all, it was announced that the servers will be shutting down soon. Now seems like a perfect time for it to make a come back. Whichever it is, you can’t go wrong. Bringing Demon’s Souls back to life would be wonderful, being able to play Dark Souls on a portable system, possibly with new content would be amazing too.

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