Darwin Project is set to get its second Alpha this weekend, this time featuring the game’s Show Director mechanic.

Darwin Project might seem like “just another battle royale game” but like in our hands-on with the last alpha, there’s so much about it that sets it apart from the competition. If you missed out on the first alpha, then we have good news, Alpha 2.0 is set to take place this weekend giving players another chance to jump in.

Players will be able to dive into Darwin Project from Friday, December 15 at Noon PT / 3:00pm ET / 9:00pm UTC +1, all the way until Sunday, December 17 at 9:00pm PT / Midnight ET / 6:00am UTC + 1.

This alpha is going to be a little bit different, however, as players will come victim (or favoured by) the Show Director. As Darwin Project takes a number of cues from The Hunger Games in terms of being a spectator sport with people fighting to the death, the Show Director mechanic is very similar to people supporting their favourite Tribute. However, the Show Director can also cause chaos for some.

Only one player can take the role of Show Director who will be able to survey the entire map watching players battle it out for survival. At their disposal will be a number of tools which can let them help, or hinder some players. Whether it’s luring players out of the shadows with an Electronic drop, or starting a man hunt on a particular player, the tides of the game can change pretty damn quickly.

If you’re yet to get a key, head on over to Scavenger Studios’ website to sign up to be in with a chance of grabbing one.

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