For those that don’t have the Destiny 2 season pass, and are wondering if $20 is worth spending on the first DLC for the game, it’s not… From the insultingly short “campaign” to the lack of innovative ideas and just straight up lack of content, The Curse of Osiris is pretty much a disappointment in every way, except for the Raid Lairs, but we’ll get to that.

If you can stretch it or are just bad at the game, the campaign, at most, will take you 4 hours and that’s if you REALLY take your time. Personally I finished it in about 2.5 hours, not 25, two and a half hours… what the actual fuck?? Aside from the brief campaign, Bungie seriously dropped the ball with the Infinite Forest. To clarify, the Infinite Forest itself is incredible, the randomly assembled pieces offered new platforming experiences every time I went in. The issue comes from WHEN you can enter it. Apparently they thought it was a good idea to only grant access to this area when you’re on an Adventure Quest, and they only give you 3 of them to do, so unless you enjoy playing through their hollow, empty campaign over and over again, your time in the Infinite Forest will be brief… Talk about your missed opportunities.

To Bungie’s credit, the new Adventure Quests in Destiny 2 feel a lot better in terms of their gameplay. They feel like scaled down Strikes which is a welcome change to the format, but again, there is only 3 of them, so your time is fleeting within this forest of “infinite” possibilities. More like Finite Forest, am I right?

On top of that Mercury is by far the smallest area players can explore in the entirety of Destiny 2, which would be fine if there was shit to do. The new social hub feels barren, devoid of anything that will remotely keep players engaged for long. With only one Lost Sector, one public event, and a couple of chests to find, the Mercury in the game resembles the actual planet itself, empty.

The two new Strikes we get are pretty fun but the bosses leave a lot to be desired. Put simply, they’re just too easy. In the Heroic version they’re scaling at least lets them show off their full potential, but sadly, these encounters are just anti-climactic. I would recommend playing this DLC with a new build character, mainly because the Light Level required to play this content is only 200…. UGH! I ran through this content with my 305 character and nothing felt even remotely like a challenge, that’s not me bragging, that’s literally because nothing was strong enough to put up a fight, including the bosses.

Even the final boss of the campaign is laughable. After chasing this “god” type construct across Mercury for 2 hours, the final fight is baffling. There is never a time you feel threatened. You activate an orb, punch it, shoot the boss in its sensitive parts, and you’re done.. again, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?! THEN, you finally come face to face with Osiris, the man, who according to lore, was the direct cause of civil unrest and rebellion within the Guardian ranks. He rebelled against the city and the ideals of the Traveller, but when you meet him he’s just a nice old man who simply thanks you for your help and leaves. WHAT?? OH! and did I mention that half of your campaign experience will revolve around ‘fetch quests’ on OTHER planets? So that’s fun.

After the campaign left a sour taste in my mouth I moved on to the other content, hoping for something that would let me sink more time into this “new expansion”. Sadly there isn’t much to find outside the 2 new Strikes and the campaign though. Yes there are two new maps, 3 if you own a PS4, for multiplayer, but aside from that and the Raid Lairs, don’t expect to get much else from this DLC.

Speaking of Raid Lairs, they’re easily the coolest part of The Curse of Osiris DLC. While a full new raid would have been nice, I commend Bungie for what they did with this shorter version. The puzzles are fun as hell and the final boss delivers on the challenge that the rest of the expansion will leave you craving for.

Getting back to the PvP side of Destiny 2, initially the new weapon the Prometheus Lens was cheesing anyone who didn’t take the time to acquire it. Thankfully the new patch made it pretty much useless though, good news for those of you that aren’t hardcore players. The new maps, Wormhaven (for PS4 players), Pacifica, and Radiant Cliffs are all very well put together maps. They offer players the chance to engage each other through multiple routes, and the new verticality of the maps is a welcome change to the maps we got with the core game.

Sadly, the Crucible is left neglected and alone. Unfortunately nothing has been done to bring Crucible back to what it was in the first Destiny. The lack of unique weapons that give one player an advantage over another means that the best strategy is still to just stick with a buddy and shoot like hell. With all the weapons being down graded so no one stands out from the others, the Crucible is a shell of its former self. It’s like giving everyone a medal for participation instead of rewarding those that put in the time and effort to acquire those game changing weapons.

As a result, the moments we experience in the Crucible are the opposite of memorable.Something that’s even more mind-blowing is that for those that choose to not buy the DLC, your Destiny 2 experience has been even more restricted. Players will find that they have been locked out of things like the Prestige Raid and Nightfall just because they didn’t buy the additional content. Bungie has made statements saying they’re aiming to fix that, but in a game that has already seen a drastic decrease in its player base WITH a DLC already out for it, I’m afraid the damage has already been done. To clarify, that’s going off of the Twitch Top 10 list, not just an assumption.

Unfortunately, this expansion feels more like a money-grab than giving players what they want. While the Raid Lairs are fun, there is nothing in this DLC that even remotely justifies the cost of it. Hopefully their next DLC will fulfill players wishes for the future of this game, because currently Destiny 2 is dead in the water.

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