Great Detective Pikachu is currently only available on Nintendo 3DS in Japan, however according to a new snippet of information, it may finally be coming to the west.

With all of the news surrounding Legendary’s Detective Pikachu movie, it comes as no surprise that Nintendo are readying the game’s release in the west. According to, the game has been rated over at PEGI, the European ratings board. It also has a release date of December 31, 2020 – though this seems to be more of a placeholder.

The PEGI listing, rated at PEGI 3+, also has a description which reads: “Detective Pikachu is on the case! Investigate evidence, question possible witnesses and solve a curious mystery.” The game revolves around Detective Pikachu who can talk, and his human companion Tim as they investigate crimes and solve the mystery of Tim’s missing father.

As for the movie adaptation, Legendary are making progress as they’ve recently revealed that Ryan Reynolds will voice the titular character.

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