The upcoming Detective Pikachu movie has now cast a voice for the titular character and it’s none other than Deadpool star, Ryan Reynolds.

Now, you might think it’s odd that Pikachu is talking, our very own Spud thought the same thing when Pikachu spoke in the latest Pokémon movie, but alas, the upcoming detective Pikachu movie is going to have a talking Pikachu, and it’ll be voiced by Reynolds according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Now, I suspect it won’t be as R-Rated as Reynolds’ latest role, y’know considering this will be a Pokémon movie, but I can only hope Legendary will allow him to add some of his sass into the character.

Detective Pikachu began life as 3DS game and is now making its way onto the big screen. The movie will be a blend of live-action and CGI with Rob Letterman (Goosebumps) directing the project. Reynolds will also be joining Justice Smith and Kathryn Newton. The movie is to begin filming in January, 2018.

The Great Detective Pikachu game launched in Japan on the Nintendo 3DS back in February, 2016. Legendary then picked up the rights for the movie in July of the same year.


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