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Dying Light Latest Game to go Battle Royale

People can’t get enough of Battle Royales – or can they?

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The latest Dying Light expansion, Bad Blood, will add a new PvP Battle Royale mode to the game. Given the recent success of PUBG and Fortnite Battle Royale, it’s relatively unsurprising that developer Techland will begin offering a similar mode for Dying Light.

Despite calling it a Battle Royale mode there are actually some significant differences between this and what some players will be used to. In Bad Blood, six players try to escape from an area filled with zombies. Similar to other games players will need to scavenge for all equipment and supporting resources.

Players also need to actually work with each other in order to make sure you all make it out alive. Of course, as with any game that throws people who don’t know each other together, co-operation is usually a nice surprise rather than a staple.

The mode doesn’t have a release date at the moment sadly but players can sign up for the upcoming global playtest on the game’s website. It’s not clear yet if this mode is different enough from the *hordes* of similar games on the market to strike a chord with consumers – but only time will tell.

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