From citing an episode of The Simpsons that predicted this very event, to joking about who, then, will appear in Kingdom Hearts III, people online have been having a ball with Disney‘s purchase of Fox. In the past couple of days, we’ve gotten a much more clear look at what exactly Disney now has possession of.

Disney has acquired many more superhero franchises for one, fortunate for them, as the genre is hot right now. Although Disney already had Marvel Studios, this acquisition has given Disney right to the majority of the X-Men, including Deadpool. Disney has also gotten a hold of some of the movie rights to the Fantastic Four.

Another franchise Disney had some rights to but will now have more freedom with is Star Wars. Disney already acquired Lucasfilm some time ago, but Fox held the distribution rights to the massively popular films.

Other sci-fi series with upcoming sequels to rake in the bucks are James Cameron’s Avatar, which has three movies set for release in the 2020’s, and the Alien franchise, which was supposed to have a few more installments coming up in the next few years. Even if Disney gets cold feet over the decidedly adult fare of the Alien films, we can always hold out hope for their inclusion in Kingdom Hearts. E 10+/YT is old enough, right?

We’re sure that Sora could handle this.

Disney will also be picking up the Planet of the Apes series, which has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity thanks to its three prequel films released in 2011, 2014, and earlier in 2017. Both of the Independence Day movies and the rights to Andy Weir’s second sci-fi novel, Artemis, were secured by Fox after the The Martian (2015), based on Weir’s first novel, became successful, so those go to Disney as well.

In the action genre, you can expect to see some decidedly non-Disney fare now under the Disney umbrella. The Die Hard franchise, Fight Club, the Kingsman films that just announced a third installment, and the upcoming Red Sparrow (2018), an R-rated spy movie, have all joined the Disney library.

Oh great, another Disney Christmas special. Die Hard, 1988.

Of course, Disney will be getting some movies and franchises that are normally associated with the Disney label. The incredibly popular YA book series Percy Jackson didn’t exactly impress when it was adapted for the box office, nor did The Maze Runner, but any further installments in either series would be Disney‘s decision alone. Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Doctor Doolittle, and Home Alone are a few other live-action kids’/YA film series that have gone to the House of Mouse.

The animated Ice Age, Rio, and Alvin and the Chipmunks series are also now Disney‘s, and it will be interesting to see what Disney does with former box office rivals.

No reason to get worried yet, right? Ice Age series.

The series Doctor DoolittleThe Beverly Hillbillies, and Home Alone have also been acquired. What Disney plans on doing with such well-known films, if anything, isn’t known at this time, so it’s only natural to feel caught between optimism and dread.

It’s easy to see that Disney has gained many lucrative properties in this purchase, and it will be interesting to see how the films will be affected. Some franchises may get the axe, some may even be expanded even further–the X-Men, for example, have never really had the opportunity to be together like this before. If we’re really lucky, we might see some really weird crossovers in Kingdom Hearts III and other spinoffs, and in other Disney-centric videogames. Although it’s a tad too early to tell how this will pan out, we will definitely have some interesting things to look forward to on the film front.

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