Fortnite is getting a taste of the holidays as today marks the launch of the game’s holiday-themed event for its Save the World PvE campaign.

Fortnite‘s new holiday event, Survive the Holidays, as it’s called, brings a new questline to the game’s PvE mode which asks players to bring the holiday spirit to the Husk-filled world. Players will receive a bunch of Snowflake tickets for taking part, which can be used to purchase Holiday Survival Llamas (the game’s Loot Boxes).

The holiday event will also add a number of new Heroes and weapons including Sarah Clause, Blitzen BASE Kyle, Snow Stalker Jonesy, and Fragment Flurry Jess. There’s also a new snowball launcher weapon.

Finally, Survive the Holidays also adds new Heroes and weapons. You can now play as Sarah Claus (an Alchemist), Blitzen BASE Kyle (a Warden), Snow Stalker Jonesy (a Demolisher), and Fragment Flurry Jess (a Reclaimer). On the weapons side, you can try out a couple of new snipers and a snowball launcher.

As for Battle Royale, players can expect some Winter-themed additions, including the Snowball launcher, as well as a holiday-themed Battle Bus. Epic Games has also teased “other gifts waiting for you around the island”. A bunch of other tweaks have also been added to the game which you can check out over on the game’s website.

Last but not least is the game’s Fortnite Season 2 which begins right now and brings more items and activities. Battle Passes have also been added to the game which offer all of the cosmetics available in Season 2. Season 2 runs from now until February 20.

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