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Why From’s Newest Teaser Is Most Likely Bloodborne 2

Something big is coming from FromSoftware...

During the pre-show at the 2017 Game Awards last night, From Software released a 20 second teaser trailer for a new upcoming game. Within hours speculation was rampant across the internet with theories of what this teaser could be and mean.

While some have said it could be a new Tenchu or Shadow Tower installment, the teaser has a very strong Bloodborne vibe to it. It is important to note that this is PURELY speculation, going off what we know and just trying to put the pieces together ourselves with the evidence we have, which isn’t a ton. It is very possible this isn’t Bloodborne 2, Miyazaki has made it clear that he didn’t care for Bloodborne like he did Dark Souls. However, Bloodborne was, and still is, one of the best Sony exclusives we have for the PlayStation 4 to date. So, this article is just an argument as to why what we saw last night could very well be a new installment within the Bloodborne franchise.

One of the things that Bloodborne is notoriously known for are the crazy, badass weapons hunters have at their disposal. The image we see in the trailer reveals what could very well be a new trick weapon.

Now, the instrument shown, slowly turns towards the light and as it does, you can make out the shape of what looks like a blade or shurukin attached to the rope that is tightening.

Aside from this fact, the weapon is saturated in BLOOD and crafted from what looks like a femur bone. Whats interesting is that Gehrman from the Hunter’s Dream and the final boss of the game is missing his right leg. Could this be some kick ass prosthetic leg?!

What is he hiding under that pant leg???

As I said, Bloodborne is known for it’s trick weapons, so going off of the weapons we have seen from this game, and what we can see in the image, it wouldn’t be hard to assume they go hand in hand.

The weapons from the Old Hunters DLC especially fit with the style and look of what we saw in the teaser. The Beast Cutter to the right being fashioned from what looks like bone itself.

Moving away from the weapons or instrument in the teaser, another noticeable hint is the kanji symbols in the background. While Bloodborne isn’t focused in China or Japan, the influence of Eastern culture has a place within the game. From weapons like the Chikage and Raykuyo…

To the “Eastern Set” which reads:

“Garb of a distant Eastern Land, worn by Yamamura the Wanderer. This Eastern warrior pursued a beast for honorable revenge, then became a hunter of the League. But when he stared straight into impurity, it drove him mad.”

Oh, and look at that, he’s holding the Chikage.

It isn’t hard to imagine that this disease has spread to more than just Yarhnam. It is very possible that a sequel could change the scenery to a far off “Eastern” land where the blood is tainted as well.

Aside from the image of this instrument or weapon tightening up, after we are shown three simple words.

“Shadows Die Twice”

Anyone who has played Bloodborne knows that “shadows” play a heavy role in the lore of the game. From bosses like the Shadow of Yharnam, to the implication that shadows themselves are the origins of nightmares. The meaning behind “shadows” carries a heavy weight within the game. Not to mention the text those words are shown in are damn near IDENTICAL to the text used in the “Old Hunters” DLC…

If this isn’t convincing enough, here are some hard facts for you:

  1. FromSoftware is currently working on 3 titles, “some of those are dark fantasy.” One is “weird”, one will “answer fan expectations in a straight-forward manner”, and one is a Mecha, which has now been confirmed as the new Armored Core. SO, going off this we know that of the three, one is Armored Core and one is “weird” which could very well be referring to the now confirmed Code Vein IP. So that leaves us with the “straight-forward” fan expectations one. Again, hinting at Bloodborne 2. From also stated that of the three, only ONE was a new IP, which we again can now confirm is Code Vein. That leaves this third IP to be one that is already in existence, and if there is one game fans have been clambering for over the past couple years, it’s a new Bloodborne title.
  2. While some have been speculating the  release of a Demon Souls or Dark Souls remaster, FromSoftware recently put out an add for a “Console, Dark Fantasy, Realistic Creature and Background Temporary Designer”. I know thats a mouth full, BUT a remaster wouldn’t need NEW creature and character design because its all already there!
  3. Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida and Miyazaki-san have been spending quite a bit of time together recently…
  4. Sony’s Japan PR Manager, Yasuhiro Kitao, has recently changed jobs TO FromSoftware. OK, so what? Well, he recently tweeted: “It’s still a bit far away, but we won’t make you wait a whole year”

OK? Again, “so what?” Well, incase you were unaware, Kitao was responsible for managing a sizable chunk of Bloodborne’s promotions!

So, going off of the new teaser, and all these facts we have known about, is it really that hard to maybe hope that we could be seeing a new Bloodborne?

Again, this is all speculation, I could very easily be letting my absolute love for Bloodborne cloud my judgement. There are arguments that are almost as strong that point to a new Tenchu or Shadow Tower installment. Sadly, only time will tell, but hopefully we won’t have to wait too long.

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