At the Game Awards last night From Software showed off a trailer for the project they’ve been working on, called Shadows Die Twice.

The teaser is short and reveals practically nothing about the game. All we get to see is some kind of bone with a rusty metal rod attached to it, covered in red strings. Could be a new IP set in a steampunk world where people turn themselves into have mechanical people. Could be something entirely different.

What it isn’t, is that Demon’s Souls remaster I was hoping for recently but From Software might be dipping into one of their other IPs for the new game. The mention of shadows might lead one to think of ninjas sneaking about in the shadows, as in the Tenchu games, which From Soft has had a had in before. But then again, it could be a new addition to the Shadow Tower series. It was a spiritual successor to their King’s Field series which was like a primitive, first person Dark Souls in that it was all about exploring a strange and dark world and it was a hard as balls action RPG.

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The fact of the matter is we just don’t know what Shadows Die Twice will be exactly but given From Soft’s track record over the past few years I’d say it’s a safe bet that Shadows Die Twice will be a high quality game.

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