HQ Trivia, the live quiz show on your smartphone, is set to arrive on Android pretty damn soon, giving non-iOS users a chance to be in with winning some cash.

HQ Trivia has been taking the world by storm as of late. Most of us at n3rdabl3 have been dropping everything to take part in the daily quizzes to win some cash, however there are a few people being left out, and that’s pretty much everyone who doesn’t own an iOS device.

The good news is that HQ Trivia is coming to Android in time for the holidays. Unfortunately we still don’t know exactly when, though the official Twitter account states that the app will launch on Christmas.

HQ Trivia is a live game show which takes place every day through the app. These quizzes are hosted by live presenters and have players answering twelve general knowledge questions to be in with a chance of winning a share of real cash which is anything from $500 to $8,500.

Recently, HQ Trivia tested UK-only shows outside of the usual 3PM EST (weekday) and 8PM EST daily shows. Although it hardly matched the 250K plus players the usual show generally receives, it was clearly a test to see how well region-specific shows might be, plus most of the questions were tailored to a UK audience, too.

We’re unsure whether these UK-specific shows will continue.

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