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With more and more developers wanting to make indie games these days, it definitely takes more than just a nostalgic art style to get peoples attention – and Towards The Pantheon accomplishes that.

‘A unique 2D RPG made with love’. That’s what you read when you visit the games official website and reading the story of how the game’s story was created is reminiscent of those like Stardew Valley, where a tiny idea from one creative guy expanded into a labor of love and eventually after years of perfecting it, released into the world as a finished game. Vancouver based game designer and story-writer Connor O.R.T. Linning came up with the idea for an out of the ordinary top-down adventure RPG back in 2015 and with the help of some of his friends and past coworkers, wrote the game and created all of the pixel art to go with it.

Towards The Pantheon biggest drawn in is it’s colorful quartet of characters, a pack of protagonists you would never see working together in even your weirdest dreams: A silent but tough warrior named Freyja, A curious cat named Bam who has more to offer than the typical cat claws and his wit, A cyborg outcast named Mishima who is wrestling with the choice of going full robot and finally, the ghost Phenez, who is searching for redemption.

Whether their reasons be deep or merely because of an ache for adventure, the group is brought together to take down what’s known as The Sworn Light at The Pantheon, travelling through treacherous lands and danger to get there.

While it’s rich storytelling, classic turn-based combat system, awesome game soundtrack and cool pixel art are all good reasons to check out Towards The Pantheon, I think the characters are my favorite part. I mean honestly – when would ever see a cat and cyborg on the same team!? Or in the same game for that matter!

Towards The Pantheon currently has a free prequel mini game out on Steam (as well as and Gamejolt,) to introduce fans into the universe before the full-length game comes out. It’s called Escaping Eternity and is a mystery that follows a soldier before the events of the upcoming game. Again, I’m really impressed with all this developers hard work – and the game hasn’t even come out yet.

While Connor has revealed his goals to release the game on PC and Mac some time in 2018 and that technically the game is fully playable, he’s waiting to ensure that all the bugs and other issues are fixed before we get our hands on it.

This indie game looks not only hilariously funny and creative, but really ambitious and promising. Keep a look out for updates on Towards The Pantheon and go give that free prequel, Escaping Eternity, a try!

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