My Hero Academia ‘Game Project’ is coming to the west, Bandai Namco has announced, releasing the game’s first trailer.

Tie your towel around your neck and put your pants on the front of your trousers because My Hero Academia launching its first game in the West! With My Hero ‘Game Project’. So, what is My Hero Academia? The show is based off a popular manga which then became a popular anime in Japan.

The show is set in a world where loads of people have super powers or ‘quirks’ like growing big or super strength. You’ve got good guys with quirks who are superheroes and bad guys who become super villains.

Izuku, the lead character, doesn’t have a quirk but after a chance encounter with one of the greatest heroes, All Might, his life changes forever. Featured in the trailer, we see Izuku scrapping against a bad guy and really sums up the style of the franchise and the upcoming game.

That being Western superhero tropes mixed up with the hyperkinetic fighting styles of Dragon Ball Z or Naruto. Or, if you’re looking for another way to sell it, imagine the X-Men using the fighting style you’d find in a fantasy kung-fu movie.

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Hitting in 2018, My Hero ‘Game Project’ will be available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC Digital.

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