Chances are, even if you’re not the biggest anime fan, you’ve heard of the anime Yuri!!! On Ice by now. This anime is about competitive male figure skating and it has taken the market by storm.

It took a while for merchandise to become available outside of Japan (other than at conventions), but Hot Topic and Amazon have started carrying official duds, and some fan-created items have even bested the official items. We’ve compiled a shortlist of Yuri!!! on Ice merchandise for you and your friends this holiday season, organized by item type.

It’s worth noting that localized DVDs of this anime won’t be available until February 2018, according to Amazon’s listings. However, this series is available to stream for free on CrunchyRoll, if you’d like to check out the phenomena.


Sheila Machiado’s Glazed Bagel shop features a couple cute Yuri!!! keychains. Other than the design pictured above, there is one featuring the Otabek and Yuri P. These acrylic keychains are much sturdier than the official blind box acrylic keychains, and are cheaper to get online. If these keychains look familiar, you may have seen Machiado’s merchandise at MOCCA or Anime NYC earlier this year. Both keychains can be found here.

This cute bag Yuri!!! bag is your basic reusable tote bag. The bag is pretty durable and it’s big enough to carry a few notebooks and coffee-table-sized books. As it’s under ten dollars, it may be a good secret Santa-style gift, or cheap way to treat yourself, too. It can be found here.

Again, these are your average buttons featuring the overall fan-favorite cast members. But they’re a cute, small way to treat yourself or take care of a little Secret Santa or stocking stuffer-style gift. All four pins come together, and can be found here. (The backgrounds are supposed to be each skater’s profile, by the way. At no point in the anime does either Yuri declare a particular love or desire for blood.)


Hot Topic has a cute–and cozy–Yuri!!! winter hat. Their winter hats fit comfortably and hold in more heat than you might expect. The design of this hat is simple; just a patch with the logo over a single ice skate. You can pick this hat up here.

Phichit, a secondary character in Yuri!!! is known for his obsession with social media. The design on this Hot Topic t-shirt is a fake Instagram post of his featuring Yuri Katsuki and Viktor. It’s 100% cotton so it’s comfortable against the skin, but that also means it could shrink in the dryer. Sizes listed are men’s sizes. The shirt is available here.

Hot Topic has a pajama pants series featuring both Yuris and Viktor, and designs featuring each character individually. All versions are lightweight lounge pants and listed in men’s sizes. The pants featuring the trio can be found here, the Viktor design can be found here, Yuri P. can be found here, and Yuri K. can be found at this link.

Similarly, Hot Topic has a pair of black sweatpants featuring Makkachin, Viktor’s cute poodle. Again, the pants are 100% cotton, so they may shrink in the wash! The sizes for these pants are also listed in junior sizes, so it may be a good idea to get a few sizes up. These pants can be found here.

Finally, Hot Topic has some great Yuri!!! sweatshirts for sale too. Although they’re not recommended for serious winter outer wear, they’re just the right level of cozy for the indoors, especially if you’re in a dorm or apartment where the thermostat can’t be changed or even if you just want to save a little on your heating bill. The sweatshirt above can be found here. Note that while Hot Topic’s site says its size listings are for juniors, the small-sized female adult above is swimming in a medium.


Although there are a couple different series of Yuri!!! figures, the Nendoroids stand out the most. There are figures of Yuri K., Yuri P., and Viktor; all three are in their competition outfits. Yuri K. comes with his glasses, his cellphone, and a bowl of katsudon with chopsticks. Viktor comes with a victory bouquet and his dog Makkachin, and Yuri P. comes with a cat ear headband and his favorite dish from his home country of Russia.


Ohayou Clothing has a few Yuri!!! products to offer, and one of my favorites is the ceramic mug. Obviously it isn’t pictured above, but we wanted to get a good picture of the wraparound art on the mug. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe, and it comes in a nice gift box that also features Yuri!!! art. The mug can be found here.

If you like the art but aren’t sure about a mug, there are also pins of each individual character from this art available on the Ohayou store. This store also sometimes features an adorable Makkachin shirt. Be warned that Christmas deadlines for this store are December 15 in the UK, and the tenth everywhere else.


Although the anime isn’t available to buy in the US yet, the two soundtrack discs are easily obtainable via Amazon. The Oh! Suketora disc (pictured above) features the full versions of music used in the skating routines. There is also the Yuri!!! On Ice disc, which features the general background music from the show. Be warned before adding the latter CD to a gift list, though–Viktor’s naked behind is featured prominently in the cover art. Oh! Suketora can be found on Amazon, and the Yuri!!! On Ice CD can also be found there. Certain songs from the show can also be bought off Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play individually.


Although there is more merchandise available for this series than ever before, fans may notice that there isn’t much to be had of the secondary characters. For that portion of the cast, your best bet for merchandise is still at conventions, from vendors with officially licensed items.

The upside, though, is that some vendors at conventions price Yuri!!! merchandise by how popular the characters on it are–Makkachin and Viktor tend to go for the highest prices, but Phichit or Chris… Well, you’ll be in luck!

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