Netflix has released a brand new trailer for Bright which shows Will Smith in action in the upcoming sci-fi flick.

The Christmas holidays are coming and you’re going to want to fill that time with something in between mammoth eating sessions and social sessions with friends or family that may be voluntary or forced. So you need some TV to fill that time and by the looks of it, Bright might be a great way to go.

Bright is a Netflix movie with Will Smith and Joel Edgerton in what looks like Bad Boys meeting a bunch of fantasy tropes in a very well choreographed fight. Set in a world where humans and magical creatures live beside each over, Will Smith (human, Daryl Ward) and Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton, the magical creature) are the original cop odd couple.

One likes heavy metal and is a little wet behind the ears and the other is a sarcastic tough one. Together they find themselves on an adventure to find a powerful mythical weapon which has been described as a powerful nuclear weapon that can do magic.

So it’s kind of like Bad Boys. If the Bad Boys has to save the one ring from evil and blow up a load of stuff.

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Bright comes out on Netflix on December 22nd. So it’s up to you what you do there.

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