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Outlast developer Red Barrels have confirmed (via Facebook) plans for a third instalment to their acclaimed survival horror series. As of now, the company has only confirmed that the game will be released “at some point”, but given the positive reception of both Outlast instalments, it’s safe to say we’ll be running away from more half-naked monster men soon enough.

In the same announcement, Red Barrels confirmed a Nintendo Switch edition of Outlast 1 and 2, for the first quarter of 2018. No specific date has been unveiled just yet. It is unclear whether both titles will be available through the eShop, or together on one cartridge.

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On a more nebulous note, additional Outlast content was also confirmed, described as as “something a lot of you have been asking for”, though not a complete sequel to either Outlast 1 or 2. Whatever this new project is, Red Barrels claims it will follow their usual policy of taking risks – and considering Outlast’s themes of violence and voyeurism, it’s bound to raise a few eyebrows.

Red Barrels also officially confirmed that Outlast 2 will have no DLC. Outlast was followed up by additional content in its Whistleblower DLC, but it appears the second instalment will stand alone as it’s own story. Both games exist in the same universe, tied together through the mysterious narrative surrounding the Murkoff Corporation. Details involving the fictional company’s shady activities are present in both games, though their full modus operandi still eludes players.

The developers have directed those chomping at the bit for more Outlast content to their website, where comic books involving the Murkoff Corporation’s epilogue can be read for free. At the very least, horror aficionados can rest easy knowing there’s a bright future for one of the genres darkest series.

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